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Stairslide is the easy way to turn your stairs into a playground.

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The Original Stairslide

Turn your stairs into a slide with Stairslide! The patent-pending nesting design allows for unlimited extensions. Each long-lasting Stairslide section covers 3 stair steps; as long as you have enough Stairslides you can cover almost any staircase. And when you're done with the fun just stack and store for later use! Available in white only.

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It’s as easy as it looks!


build your slide to fit your stairs

stackable & storable

easily stack & store your slides

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Fit your slide to your stairs!

Each Stairslide covers up to 3 stairs. Stairslide nests into each other; overlap and extend them to create a longer or shorter slide. Then stack and store your Stairslides when not in use; they weigh less than a folding chair and use less space!

3 stairs = 1 slide

add another slide to cover taller stairs

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it’s as fun as it looks!

Your kids don't need to feel restless, stuck inside or spend their days hypnotized by a screen. Stairslide is the easy way to turn your stairs into a playground.

New Orders Shipping December 20th!

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