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How does it work?

Stairslide nests (overlaps) on top of other Stairslides so they can extend to cover more stairs. In other words, you can use a single Stairslide on the bottom three stairs or use four Stairslides to cover approximately nine stairs. It all depends on your appetite for thrill. Stairslide's patent-pending, self-anchoring design uses unique features to help prevent it from moving during use without the need to permanently install Stairslide on your stairs. Download Instructions

How many slides should I order?

Not all stairs are alike. And since there's no way for us to know your stairs' measurements we can only offer a recommendation based on user feedback. One Stairslide typically covers the first three steps. Because they are meant to overlap, add one Stairslide for every two steps after that. Our popular 4 pack covers up to 9 stairs—a great start for any Stairsliding career!

What is Stairslide made out of?

Stairslide is made from durable, lightweight ABS plastic. ABS is a special type of recyclable plastic that is impact-resistant and able to withstand heavy use. Oh, and magic fairy dust!...ABS Plastic and fairy dust.

What are Stairslide dimensions?

Each Stairslide is approximately 43 inches (109 cm) long, 19 inches (48.3 cm) wide, with a 13 inch (33 cm) seat. A single Stairslide weighs over five pounds (2.4 kg).

When will my order ship?

Orders are processed within 5 to 7 business days (excluding weekends/holidays) after receiving your order confirmation. You'll get a nifty notification after your order ships. We’re sending them as fast as we can, but you can’t rush Stairsliding perfection.

How safe is Stairslide?

Naturally, there’s inherent risk when you use any slide, but it’s worth the risk. Stairslide is certainly safer than other ways we’ve slid down the stairs (e.g. laundry basket, mattress, cardboard box, family cat, etc.). Remember, the longer the slide the faster you'll go. And bend at the knees when you land on your feet! Landing on your bum is not recommended.

Is there a weight or age limit?

That's kind of a heavy question. Ongoing field testing has yielded promising results: We recommend Stairslide for ages 3-12 even though it can support a person up to 175 lbs without showing signs of structural weakness. We will continue to make recommendations that help ensure the safety of our users.

Does Stairslide work on wood or non-carpeted stairs?

Yes. And Stairslide does not damage non-carpeted stairs when used properly.