Get a StairSlide!

Let your kid's imagination run wild for hours with the toy that turns stairs into a slide!

Non-Slip Grip Bottom

Rubber grips for hard or soft surfaces

Fits Your Stairs

Expands to fit different stair heights

Stacks & Stores

Easily stack and store your slides


What Our Fans Are Saying

Setting Up Your Slides


Perfect for slowing it down and younger sliders.


For those that like it fast!

Landing Pro-Tip

Pillows & bean bags are great to soften the landing

Endless Fun on Any Stairs

Perfect for kids & worry-free for parents! Each long-lasting, easy to assemble Stairslide section covers 3 stair steps; as long as you have enough Stairslides you can cover almost any staircase!

When you're done with the fun just stack and store for later use! Available in white only and made from durable, impact-resistant ABS plastic. (recommended for ages 3-12)

  • Holds up to 175lbs
  • High-quality safe material
  • Tough against scratches
  • Easy to store & clean
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