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Be Back Soon!

Stairslide is sold out for Christmas, but we'll be back soon! After an amazing Black Friday, any orders placed after November 28th will start processing after December 20th. After a couple weeks we'll be back to our ultimate goal, to cover every boring stair with an awesome slide.

More Than One Way To Slide

Whether you're a speed demon or a nervous nelly, there's a Stairslide setup to cater to your unique play style. Slide your way!

10 Setup & Sliding Tips

Anything fun can quickly become very not fun if misused; this same idea can be applied to the Stairslide! No denying that the Stairslide is fun, but if it's not setup or used properly, that fun can short. Follow these tips to get the most out of your Stairslide!

Meet Damian!

"Like many parents today, my wife and I have struggled to raise our active 6-year-old son without defaulting to excessive screen time. And then StairSlide™ came into our lives."

SCAM Alert: An Open Letter To Customers

Scammers copied our content and use it to victimize our customers. Don't be fooled. Report them. And help us make some noise to crowd out these disgusting fraudsters!